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Is your heating system ready for Winter?

Fall is here, bringing pumpkins and cooler weather. It’s also the perfect time to take care of some important home maintenance tasks. And one of the most important is to take care of your heating system.

Our professionals at Blue Star Mechanical Inc. recommend that you have a heating tune up performed once a year.

Here are a few of the questions frequently asked by home owners about heating maintenance:

Are the tune-ups really necessary?
All manufacturers recommend annual inspections by qualified technicians to protect the machinery and prevent serious damage. Most of the time your furnace won’t be covered under warranty if any damage occurs unless it’s been properly serviced on an annual basis. read more

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6 Most Popular HVAC Problems

HVAC systems are often really trusted, nonetheless troubles do develop. For the a lot more complicated troubles, it is a wise move to call a qualified professional.


There are 3 contactors in a system: one for the compressor, one for the condenser follower electric motor, and also one for the blower electric motor. Arcing as well as matching could develop on the contactor making it tough for the electric present to pass as well as start that certain electric motor.


When this air filter becomes old, the filter requires to be transformed. One method to know if the filter requires to be altered is to hold it up to the light and see if you could see light pass through it. read more

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Things To Consider In HVAC Maintenance

Air circulation is very considerable to the performance of your HVAC systems and filters have a crucial function in the suitable air conditioning management. Whether it’s your heating or air conditioning unit, both of them call for the suitable quantity of intended air circulation through entire heating and cooling unit.

When filters are unclean, they restrict the circulation, which triggers greater power and HVAC repair service expenditures to you.

There are different classifications, rankings, as well as meanings for HVAC systems. High efficiency air conditioning units will certainly do its finest to show you exactly what a high-end air conditioning unit resembles as well as assist you to obtain the much better understanding of the rankings and groups in order to select the very best device. Initially, air conditioning filters are ranked by MERV– Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. read more

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Top 3 Questions About HVAC Systems – Part 2

Do you have any questions about HVAC systems? Read on. Your questions might have already been answered or if not, you may want to stay updated with more of our HVAC posts.

  1. What are HVAC air cleaners for?

Air cleaners are a vital element to the entire indoor air quality of the home. It aids to understand the sorts of air cleaners, along with their perks as well as its constraints.

All air cleaners need cleansing as well as filter substitute. For business structures, select high performance air cleaners that could deal with a great deal of air. There are various kinds of air cleaners for various features: heater filters, digital air cleaners as well as ion generators, among others. read more

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Top 3 Questions About HVAC Systems

Do you have any questions about HVAC systems? Read on. Your questions might have already been answered.

  1. Do I have to change my air filter often?

Yes. Transforming your air filter at the very least when every 6 months will certainly not just aid you minimize your regular monthly expenses yet additionally will certainly aid prolong the life of your HVAC system. Replacing your filter every 3 months would be a lot better.

Created to get rid of dirt fragments and to maintain the air you take a breath tidy, filters end up being obstructed, triggering your system to function much less successfully and also costing you even more to run it. read more

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Summer HVAC: How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner


Your HVAC’s filter’s, coils and fins need consistent maintenance to boost the system’s efficiency. Without taking care of the air conditioner’s necessary maintenance, it’s performance will be affected badly.

Replace Filters

The most important thing to remember when you want to ensure efficiency in your HVAC system is to clean or replace its filters. Dirt normally blocks the airflow of the system. Did you know that by cleaning your filter you can save up to 15% of energy consumption? In addition, some filters do require replacement. read more

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How To Avoid Mold Growth In Your HVAC System


The thought of having mold and mildew in your house or workspace is upsetting. The fact is mold and mildew is an ever before existing increasing microorganism. There will certainly be mold and mildew already existing in your HVAC system.

The distinction in between routine quantities as well as intensely high quantities is just how much you feed it. All you have to increase mold and mildew is meals and also dampness. , if you consistently clean up and also control your HVAC system, you could and also get rid of mold and manage to control mildew growth. read more

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3 Common HVAC Problems


Among one of the most usual HVAC troubles is incorrect usage. Be certain to shut your home windows and doors if your air conditioner is turned on. With room air conditioners, separate the space or a group of linked areas as long as feasible from the rest of your house.

Other typical issues already existing in HVAC systems arise from flawed installment, bad solution treatments, and also insufficient maintenance. Inappropriate repair of a central air conditioning conditioner could lead to leaking air ducts and also reduced air movement. read more

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Summer HVAC Air Conditioning Unit Checklist


Summer is coming – are your HVAC systems ready? Now is the time to anticipate the hot weather and you have to prepare your air conditioning unit. If you did not have a professional HVAC contractor in the past, consider it now.

Here is a checklist to ensure that your air conditioning unit provides the comfort your home needs.

Proper installation

Get the right equipment, but most off all, install it right. To reduce energy consumption this summer, replace your outdated HVAC systems. Your air conditioning unit should be of the right size and installed by a professional. Have you ever wondered why your HVAC systems do not work efficiently? Probably because of the wrong size and improper installation of the unit. read more

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